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Through leadership, partnership, and initiative, the Downtown Little Rock Partnership strives every day to grow and enhance Little Rock’s core and make our downtown one where someone can not only prosper and succeed, but live fully and live well.  Our community has a lot going for it.  From the Capitol to East Village and from Roosevelt to the Arkansas River, our dynamism is our greatest strength.  And it only fuels the passions of those looking for wealth, for excitement, or for inspiration.  We invite you to join our community, even if only for a short trip!

Downtown Little Rock Neighborhoods

From modern condo living, to the historic structures of yesteryear, we have it all right in our Downtown. We have seen a renaissance in recent years downtown, with older homes being restored and renovated by families who want to live close to where they work. Alongside all of this restoration work, we have seen condo living take off, with downtown now sporting several successful condo projects for those who want to live in a vertical environment without the added concerns of a single family home.

Below you can take a digital tour and learn more about the different neighborhoods we have downtown, and who knows, maybe you will choose to make one of these your next home!

Downtown Little Rock Latest News

#InThisTogether: Ways you can help your community through a pandemic

#InThisTogether: Ways you can help your community through a pandemic

As we wade through uncharted territory together, rest assured the Downtown Little Rock Partnership is working for you and with you. Our main priority is to ensure we are doing all we can to help sustain our local businesses, and to encourage the public to do the same. We've compiled a list of ways you can help support the local economy during these uncertain times as well as an alphabetical list of what changes specific businesses are making.

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