Downtown Master Plan Public Kickoff Draws Crowd

Little Rock's first Downtown Master Plan is officially underway.

This first-of-its-kind planning effort for Downtown Little Rock will create a roadmap for growth and a stronger connection for everyone’s neighborhood, increasing quality of life for residents, workers and visitors.  

The project, funded by the City of Little Rock and done in collaboration with the Downtown Little Rock Partnership, is a nine-month long planning effort which will create strategic goals and actions around topics such as development and urban design, streets and mobility, infrastructure and transportation, and parks and open space. The planning effort study is being led by Sasaki, a Boston and Denver-based planning and urban design firm.  

The time is now to create a bold and visionary future for Downtown Little Rock! Learn more about the plan and share your thoughts today!


Effort for LR master plan kicks off

Officials hope to spark resurgence, guide decisions in future

Officials kicked off an effort to craft a master plan for downtown Little Rock that is meant to guide future decision-making with an open house at the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center on Wednesday.

Gabe Holmstrom, the executive director of the nonprofit Downtown Little Rock Partnership, called it a “very exciting time” in the history of downtown Little Rock. More HERE.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Downtown Little Rock holds the State Capitol, many museums and restaurants for people all over the city to enjoy, but residents want to see some changes to help revitalize downtown.

“I’m excited for this because it is the first time, we have ever had a plan for what we can be, downtown specifically,” resident Everett Gooch said. More HERE.

"This is a huge moment for downtown," said Daniel Church, associate for Sasaki, the company hired to create the master plan. "It can lay the foundation for the next decade or two."

"When you go to other downtowns and other cities, there are a lot more people living downtown," Little Rock Downtown Partnership Executive Director Gabe Holmstrom said. "We want a plan to deliver that to this city."

The process to create the master plan will take nine months. Once the plan is finished, recommendations will be brought before the City of Little Rock. More HERE.

Downtown Little Rock Partnerships seeks community input for downtown Little Rock Master Plan

“If you do not like the ways things are or you want to see things done differently: here is your chance to give input," Holmstrom said. "Here is your chance to talk to the people that are going to be developing that plan that will ultimately hopefully be approved by the city board. This is the way to get your two cents in. If you want to see different street lights or different trash cans, this is your opportunity to talk about that and make sure that the people that are working to develop this plan hear your voice.” Watch HERE.