Make Money with a High Yield Checking Account w/Arkansas Federal

6.00% APY1 on Your Checking Balance? Yes, Please!

Want an easy way to make money? Consider opening a high-yield checking account and earn on your balance, such as Arkansas Federal Credit Union's new Elite Checking. With returns as high as 6.00% APY,1 you can have easy access to your funds while earning a great rate. It's a win-win! 

Still not convinced? Then, here are five reasons why opening an interest-bearing checking account is a great idea.

#1 You'll earn money on your balance. Enough said. But seriously though, most traditional checking accounts won't pay you any interest or dividends, but with a high-yield one, you'll earn on your balance. That means your money will help you earn more money while it's sitting in the account. That's real cash that you wouldn't have otherwise.

#2 Your money is accessible. Like a regular checking account, you'll have access to your funds through a debit card, checks, bill pay, transfers, etc. It's a real working checking account, but it comes with the added perk of earning interest or dividends on your balance.

#3 Low (or no) fees. While some of these accounts come with fees, most don't if you meet certain requirements. For example, with Arkansas Federal's Elite Checking, as long as you keep a minimum daily balance of $2,500, you won't have to pay a monthly fee.

#4 Your money is federally insured. Rest easy knowing that your funds are backed by insurance, such as the FDIC with a bank or NCUA with a credit union.

#5 It's easy. Just use your checking account, well, like a checking account. But be aware that certain requirements, such as a monthly direct deposit or a certain number of transactions, may exist depending on which financial institution you choose to open a high-yield checking account with. But as far as making your money make money, a high-yield checking account is the easy way to go.


Start Earning Today!

Choosing an interest or high-yield checking account is an easy way to add to your deposit earnings. A great place to start is with Arkansas Federal's Elite Checking. You can earn as high as 6.00% APY!1 That's up to $600 a year just for doing the things you already do, like using your debit card.


Don’t want the hassle of moving your checking? It’s not as hard as you think. We promise.


Start Today. Finish Later.

Moving your account doesn’t have to be done all at once. Just do what you can today and finish the rest later. But first things first, open and fund your account. And when you’re ready, set up your direct deposit and start using your debit card. 


Even if you don’t meet all qualifications this month, your Elite Checkingaccount is free if you keep a $2,500 daily balance. And once everything is set up, you can start earning your rewards the very next month.

Learn more and open your account online in minutes at or call 1.800.456.3000 today. 

1. APY is the Annual Percentage Yield. Elite Checking is a tiered rate variable product. The rate is effective as of 09/01/2023. To qualify for the 6.00% APY, member must have a monthly direct deposit of at least $1,000 going to their Elite Checking, be enrolled in eStatements, be in good standing, and complete 15 monthly transactions of at least $10 each by using their debit card tied to the account. The 15 required transactions must post to the account within the calendar month to receive earnings. 6.00% APY applies to balances up to $10,000.00. Balances $10,000.01 or more earn 0.05% APY. Fees could reduce earnings. A $15 monthly fee applies if the daily balance drops below $2,500.00. Only one Elite Checking or Premium Checking account per member is allowed. Offer and rate are subject to change. Exclusions may apply. Refer to the rate sheet for full details. Federally insured by NCUA. Membership with Arkansas Federal Credit Union is required.