2023 Haiku Project Winners Announced

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Downtown Little Rock Partnership's Haiku Project!

A volunteer committee selected thirteen “Arkansas River Downtown” haiku from a total of 92 entrants. Art student Emilee Grace from Lyon College then created miniature murals for each winning entry. Student installed the murals Friday, December 1, 2023 on the Donaghey Building (703 South Main Street).

Grass tickles my toes

and a squirrel runs past me

softening my soul. 

- Joey Leenhouts 


It starts with one leaf 

Falling and awakening

Something deep inside 

- Jeannie M Smith 


As dusk arises 

the deep purple lights emerge 

Dyeing the water 

- Vakayla Davies


Brimming and flowing, 

swimming, fishing, and rowing. 

Here, life is glowing. 

- Benjamin Grisham 


The river's passage 

One hundred sculptures in shapes 

of diversity 

- Richard L Matta 


Arkansas River— 

the current flowing into 

another sunrise 

- Edward Cody Huddleston 


Amid city’s hum, 

River flows, a tranquil song, 

Little Rock’s Heartbeat 

- Avery Glover 

Tall buildings, lights gleam 

Reflections dance on water 

Peaceful lazy twirls 

- Melody Castrellon 


Gather, grow, and live 

Along our river flowing 

We have room for all. 

                - William Gould 


River so serene, 

Nature’s brushstrokes paint its song, 

City's heart flows on. 

- Axel Veliz 


Hands held, walk with me 

on the bridge see the bright lights 

Look at little rock 

- Kayla Jimenez 


Sun boils swimmers skin 

Plastic sticks to fishes scales 

River cries for help 

- Jan Baker 


Swift pacing my heart 

Currents flow and soothe my mind 

Your waters bring peace 

                - Marta Gwyn