New Pop Up Haiku Project Installed Downtown

Haiku Sign InstallationJust days before the official start of Fall, the Downtown Little Rock Partnership and its Public Spaces Committee have completed our latest public art installation, The Haiku Project.

A volunteer committee selected ten “Fall in Little Rock” haiku from a total of 72 entries to be displayed on temporary, outdoor signs throughout parts of downtown Little Rock and SoMa. The poems capture the insights of what “Fall in Little Rock” means and create a temporary community art installation providing pops of color and visual inspiration to pedestrians and passersby in the area.

Downtown Little Rock Partnership Executive Director Gabe Holmstrom says the project is an example of how a dedicated group of volunteers can help to make our downtown special.

“Installing public art -- whether it’s a series of 10 poems or a 10-story mural – encourages people to look around and notice all the amazing things that make our downtown unique,” Holmstrom said. “Our public spaces committee came up with this idea and Teresa Carlisle at the New Gallery really brought the Haiku Project into existence.”  

Originating in Japan, haiku is the shortest form of poetry in the world. Often focusing on natural images, haiku emphasizes simplicity and can capture complex moments and emotions in three short lines.

Here are the winning entries:

there is no such thing 

as a quiet cicada 

cursing September 

~ Geoffrey C. Gross


No need to mow grass 

Take a drink and bide your time 

Soon enough, rake leaves. 

~ Mark Scott 


Dark at 4:30 

Sunlight to tail light flashing 

Rushing to crock pot 

~ Leon Robertson 


The date implies 

We should be grabbing sweaters 

I still reach for shorts 

~ Charlee Arnold


The magic season: 

Fall in charming Little Rock 

Casts a southern spell. 

~ Sandy Moll


A corn maze is just 

A maze of maize, a maize maze. 

And that’s amazing. 

~ Madison Cobb


It's finally here, 

colorful trees and knickknacks. 

Where's that one sweater? 



Autumn Days have come 

All the heat has disappeared 

Or maybe not yet 

~ Gary Smith 


On the wings of a 

Starry night, Zombies roam on 

Crazy Lime Scooters 

~David Sargent


Hot days drift cooler. 

Fields are ready for harvest.  

Football is the talk. 

~Tiffany Adams