Enjoy High-Yield Checking and Savings Automation Downtown Update Sponsor Arkansas Federal Credit Union

At Arkansas Federal Credit Union,  you get more from your checking account. The member-focused organization offers premium accounts with APY rates that beat most certificates, money markets and savings accounts. And you won’t incur a ton of extra fees!

Benefits of their Premium Checking include:

  • Early Pay – get paid up to two days before your payday.
  • Earning Potential – get rewarded for banking with high APY.
  • Free Online Banking – check balances, transfer funds and more all online and all for free.
  • Keep Tabs on Your Credit – access your credit score, monitor activity, and find out what’s influencing your score.
  • Automatic Savings – add to your savings instantly with each debit card purchase you make.

Speaking of their Cents to Savings program, it’s the perfect opportunity to bulk up your savings account with almost no effort! 

You simply enroll for free. After that, every purchase made on your Arkansas Federal Credit Union debit card is rounded up to the next dollar and the difference is automatically deposited into your savings account. And the best part? There’s no limit to how much you can save!

Learn more about Arkansas Federal Premium Checking and Cents to Savings or become a member today.