ENTRA Public Art Celebration

LITTLE ROCK, AR (December 16, 2022) -- The latest public art project in Downtown Little Rock will transform a small, nondescript building into a vibrant metal sculpture. 
Portland-based Artist Jonathan Cortes-Rodriguez worked with Arkansan metal fabricators and powder coaters to create hundreds of small panels that will be installed on the building covering a stairwell at the corner of 6th and Louisiana.  

“ENTRA” will wrap around the exterior of the building and wind its way inside while gradually shifting colors along the way. “Though the building may be small and surrounded by giants, the mural collaborates with the building, augmenting it with color and texture so it may feel and look as pronounced as it neighbors,” Cortes-Rodriguez said.  
On Friday, December 16th, at 11 a.m. the Downtown Little Rock Partnership and the Division of Arkansas Heritage will join Cortes-Rodriguez to celebrate the new addition to our downtown. 

Downtown Little Rock Partnership President Carol Worley says public art is bringing new energy to the area, which features several large-scale murals and other artwork just steps away.  

“The Downtown Little Rock Partnership works to make our downtown a more attractive place to live, work and visit,” Worley said. “If you had seen this building just a week ago, you wouldn’t believe how different it looked, and how much ‘ENTRA’ has already transformed the feel of this block.”  

Cortes-Rodriguez will begin installing the artwork December 13th and expects the bulk of the installation to be complete by the 16th (Media are welcome to film installation, please contact kleyenberger@downtownlr.com to coordinate). 

This project was made possible in part by a grant from the Division of Arkansas Heritage, funded by your 1/8 cent conservation tax, Amendment 75. 
"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Downtown Little Rock Partnership’s Public Spaces Committee who give their time to select the projects that make their way to our city," Worley said. "As well as Austin Construction who stepped in to help with the installation process, Best Park, who provided the canvas with their stairwell building, and the Division of Arkansas Heritage who helped make this project possible."