"The Rollin’ Twenties" SoMardi Gras Parade



SoMa 501 is excited to announce that this year’s SoMardi Gras Parade will take place on Saturday, February 22nd at 12 p.m. Cash prizes will again be awarded: $500 for First Place and $250 for Second! The theme for this year is ‘The Rollin’ Twenties”. As we enter a new “Twenties” decade, we pay homage to not just The Roaring Twenties, but also to the Industrial Revolution of the 1820s and the powdered wigs of the 1720s. Let your imagination roll as you come up with the most creative theme! We welcome different entry styles, including floats, walking groups, classic cars, and pets! The entry fee this year is $40.00 but is waived for nonprofits and schools. We are excited to announce that we are going digital this year! Please complete your registration form online. If you register before February 14th, we will include your entry name in our marketing efforts.


Music, beads, and candy are highly encouraged with your entry! Please be sure to let us know if your registration if you will have music so that we can create a dynamic line-up. The more music, the better! SoMa 501 will provide a limited number of beads and candy for each entry. If you need to order more beads, SoMa 501 has had good luck with the Mardi Gras Outlet.


In addition to the parade, the annual Beard Competition will start immediately following the parade in The Bernice Garden, followed by a Second Line band competition featuring different bands from the Little Rock School District!


SoMa 501 is a nonprofit that works to promote economic development along South Main Street. All proceeds from the parade support local projects, which are facilitated by volunteers. We appreciate all of you that contribute so much to moving our community forward!


We are hoping for beautiful weather this year but remember the event is rain or shine. Please let me know if you have any questions.  Feel free to contact me by cell 501.258.1191 (talk or text).


Lindsey Boerner