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The Downtown Little Rock area is built for business. Acxiom, Stephens Inc., Dillard’s — these and other names that dominate the business world also dominate our skyline. If you’re looking for more philanthropic endeavors, we’re also home to Heifer International and Winrock International. Many of those who work for these and other companies are part of a well-kept secret: a balance of working just minutes from home. Unlike many other business districts, our downtown is vibrant throughout the workday and late into the night. Want to entertain an important client at the end of the day? Have a short lunch break and need to grab a quick bite? It’s easy when everything you need is within a couple of blocks.

Tourism, government, nonprofit, energy, finance and banking, media and education are big business in Arkansas and draw nearly 42,000 employees to downtown each day. Watch our video above and see why so many companies love working in the center of our city.

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